The Accessible Page

On this page I will experiment with accessibility as I learn about it at the freeCodeCamp. Hopefully I can use this stuff on the rest of my site, and in other contexts as well.

Organizing text with HTML-elements

This page is organized using different elements in an attempt to make it easier to follow along with for instance a screen reader. At freeCodeCamp they describe three of the elements used on this page:

article is a sectioning element, and is used to wrap independent, self-contained content. The tag works well with blog entries, forum posts, or news articles. [...] The section element is also new with HTML5, and has a slightly different semantic meaning than article. An article is for standalone content, and a section is for grouping thematically related content. They can be used within each other, as needed. For example, if a book is the article, then each chapter is a section. When there's no relationship between groups of content, then use a div
This text is wrapped within a section element, which in turn is wrapped inside an article element.